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 2 day Seminar by Prof Christopher D. Wickens

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PostSubject: 2 day Seminar by Prof Christopher D. Wickens   Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:36 pm

Current Trends in Human Factors Engineering

Speaker: Professor Christopher D. Wickens

Two day course with the following topics.
- Introduction to human information processing
- Introduction to applied attention
- Situation Awareness: meaning and measurement
- Design of displays to support situation awareness
- Other cognitive factors in display design: layout and head-up displays
- Divided attention and time-sharing
- Workload measurement and prediction
- Decision making
- Automation 1: alarms and alerts (overlap with 2 above)
- Automation 2: Stages and levels of automation; adaptive automation
- Future of the airspace and air traffic management (overlap with 1 above)
- Human factors of safety.

Date: 29-30 November, 2006
Venue: NTU Centre for Continuing Education
11 Slim Barracks Rise (off North Buona Vista Road)
NTU@one-north Executive Centre #05-01
Singapore 138664
Tel: 67904212
Fax: 67742911

$780 Includes 1xbuffet lunches and 2xtea-breaks per day & course notes
Please register @ the following link

Special Price for:
- Group 3 persons or more: $700 ea.
- NTU Alumni $500
Please register @ the following link

Special Price for:
- Graduates from M.Sc HFE program, $ 200
- Current Part-time M.Sc. Students $100
- Current Full-time Student: $50 (limit to max 15 participants)
Please register with Prof Martin @ martin@ntu.edu.sg or 97811231.

The registration is open till 24 Nov (next Friday).
Please find below the link to the course:

About the speaker

Professor Christopher D. Wickens received his PhD in engineering psychology from the University of Michigan in 1974.

He was a professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois from 1974 to 2005. He was the Head of the Human Factors Division at the University of Illinois Institute of Aviation from 1983-2005.

He is currently adjunct professor at the Depart. of Psychology, University of Colorado, and Senior Scientist at Alion Science and Technology.

Professor Wickens has written two text books on engineering psychology and human factors engineering, and has authored or co-authored six other books. In addition he is the author of 200 journal articles and 300 proceedings articles and countless technical reports.

His writing has been very influential for the development of Human Factors Engineering as a science.

Research interests include:
- Human attention and its human factors implications for performance modeling and display design.
- Aviation Psychology
- Human Factors of Air Traffic Control

He has received several awards including the Federal Aviation Agency Excellence in Aviation Award, The Airbus Human Factors Safety award from the Flight Safety Foundation, and Henry Taylor Foundation Award from the Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine Association.

He is an avid mountain climber.
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2 day Seminar by Prof Christopher D. Wickens
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