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 the DaNGeR of false expectation

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PostSubject: the DaNGeR of false expectation   Sat Sep 23, 2006 2:26 am

i would like to share my shameful experience today.

my friends and i went to canteen to have lunch. when we went back to ntu, i was a few metres away in front of them. i decided to do a trick on them by hiding beside a door near a lift that we will take to bring us to our lab and surprising them when they open the door.
so i faster ran and hide beside the door, expecting them to open the door. when the door opened, i shouted "WHOAAA!!!!" haha
only a few second afterwards i realized that the person who was opening the door was someone else, not my friends.... ooohh!!!! he was so surprised, and i was even more shocked than him! Duh devil

such erroneous behavior can take place due to a false expectation. this common phenomenon, can result in a very shameful experience (like mine). but when it happens in a high risk environment, can result in fatal error!

in this incident, top-down information processing took place. although without any perception of the person who is opening the door, this top-down expectation based my decision and action to shout when the door is opened.

Help false expectation is dangerous
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PostSubject: Re: the DaNGeR of false expectation   Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:15 am

Haha.. lol! Reminds me of an incident in primary school: I slapped a friend's head and then realized that the head does not belong to my friend. Can't blame me also, there were too many "botaks" in my school hehe... The poor victim cried and got his big brother to look for me. pale
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the DaNGeR of false expectation
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