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 The Big Crash

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PostSubject: The Big Crash   Wed Sep 20, 2006 2:16 am

Some of you may be feeling confused confused as you enter this forum. What happened to the Singapore Human Factors Forum? How come some of the previous post seem to have gone missing?? And what hapened to my previously registered account, why do I have to register again?

Your questions can all be answered by finding out more on "The Big Crash" affraid

A screen capture of the old forum before The Big Crash

The Big Crash occured on 14th Sept 2006 at 2am due to the admin's over-enthusiastic attempt to improve the forum. A misstep had caused a corrupted template to be uploaded and resulted in a fatal error. Attempts to recover previous data were not successful.

The Big Crash has taught the admin a valuable lesson and provided a new opportunity. We've learnt that backing up is VERY important and it MUST be regularly and frequently done. A new opprtunity also occured for us to start again at a new host. The current host is more established and provides a much more friendiler administration panel and more features for the user. We now have a easier to remember website (sigaporeergonomics.goodforum.net) and a more disctintive layout.
We have also sychronise our forum with the Singapore Ergonomics Yahoo Groups (hence the change of name) and with the blog set up by CHFE students as well (http://www.southinkucandesign.blogspot.com)

We do hope that you'll forgive our inexperience Embarassed and continue to have faith sunny in the Singapore Ergonomics Forum. We can't assure you that the forum will continue on without hiccups but we'll do our best to minimise the effects of any such problems on the users. I would like to encourage all previous users of Singapore Human Factors Forum to sign up in this forum and to conitinue your support. Thank you!
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The Big Crash
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